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LiDAR - Light Detection And Ranging

LiDAR is the technology of using pulses of laser light striking the surface(s) of the earth and measuring the time, intensity and angle of the pulse return.

Hearst Forest Management Inc. has approximately 1.25 million hectare of high accuracy LiDAR coverage flown over the Hearst Forest in the summer of 2007. This LiDAR is available for purchase.

The LiDAR Specifications are as follows:
LiDAR - up to 4 multiple pulse returns helps penetrate the forest canopy.
  1. Average point density: 1.14 hits per square metre
  2. Number of returns: 4(1st, 2nd, 3rd, and last)
  3. Data format: .LAS (other formats available)
  4. Products: Bare earth and full feature for each tile which is 2.5km by 2.5km
  5. Accuracy: <50cm horizontal and <30cm vertical

LiDAR is capable of providing both horizontal and vertical information. The missing piece of the puzzle is now available.

How can LiDAR contribute?

  • Develop a Canopy height model (CHM) - which provides accurate heights, forest structure, canopy closure, assessment of forest health and vigor, and stand densities;
  • Hydrological modeling useful for hydro-electric potential;
  • Wetland ID, potential flood risks, drainage predictions, and potential culvert locations;
  • Predictive ecosystem mapping - based on height of land;
  • Operational benefits i.e. road construction, skid trails and harvest patterns, potential biomas estimation;
  • Fire pattern predictions and land cover classification;
  • Wildlife habitat modeling;
  • Product estimation and possible wood quality;
  • Expected savings $$$.

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